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The music soundtrack is a second-rate knock-off of the charlie's angels theme and the action scenes look like they were filmed on the first take, as they have that rough, badly-staged feel. Some of the women look very uncomfortable holding and firing weapons (it's apparent Clark just handed them weapons and yelled out "Fire!" without any practice beforehand) and, while there are some decent stunts and explosions during the attack on the processing plant, it all looks. The film does have some camp value thanks to the eclectic cast of has-beens and fringe stars, but both Jack palance and Peter Lawford look like they would rather be any place besides here. The women do look good in bikinis and tight fitting jumpsuits, but when we watch films like this, we want to see what's underneath those outfits. Angel's brigade is nothing but an inoffensive theatrical film that could play on tv with no edits. Also starring liza greer as Trish, the underage would-be member of the female gang who saves all their lives in the finale. Director Clark cameos as a (what else?) movie director and Arthur Godfrey cameos as himself, who the audience at Michelle's Vegas act treat like the second coming of Elvis Presley. Also starring Ken Minyard, ralph cream Harris and Cody palance, jack's son, who died in 1998 at age 42 of cancer. Originally released on vhs by lightning Video and then by warner Home video. It was given the mystery science theater 3000 treatment (under the title angels revenge ) from Rhino video on vhs dvd. Also available on an anamorphic widescreen dvd from Scorpion Releasing with the original film and the ten-minute longer anamorphic widescreen seven from heaven cut, which, until now, has never been seen on home video. The annihilators (1985) - this is one of those action films where a vietnam vet comes home only to find out his home town is being terrorized by (choose one or mix-and-match 1) a street Gang; 2) a motorcycle gang; 3) Organized Crime; 4) Drug.

artistry vitamin c wild yam reviews

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Burke's (Lawford) house, where they torture her in his swimming pool. The girls rescue her in the nick of time in a hail of bullets, some swordplay and a motorcycle stunt. Farrell is attacked and killed by a pack of dogs (!) and Burke is shot and drowns in his own pool. Hooray for women power! . The main problem with this film is that it's played like a broad comedy, but it's not funny at all. Director Greydon Clark ( the bad bunch - 1976; the return - 1980; dark future - 1994) also forgot what makes an exploitation film exploitable: Namely, nudity, bloody violence and action. Unfortunately, angel's brigade (Shouldn't it be angels ' brigade since there's no one named "Angel" in this film? Oh, well, i'm nitpicking.) contains none of those, as it is a pg-rated family-friendly mess. Whenever someone is punched or hit over the head, cartoon sound effects are heard, like birds chirping or a "boiiinggg!" sound. This is the type of film where instead of killing Sticks after beating bogel the info out of him, neus the girls set him free after he promises to go straight! Nevermind that he hooked Michelle's young brother on drugs or is known as the city's biggest street pusher, the girls take him at his word and send him on his way. In all fairness, he dies a short time later when he falls off a tenement roof trying to escape from Farrell.

artistry vitamin c wild yam reviews

was beaten-up and hospitalized trying to steal drugs from kingpin mike farrell (Palance she and friend April (Jacqulin Cole) form a squad of all-female vigilantes. Each woman is an expert in their field. Terry Grant (Sylvia anderson) is a black movie stuntwoman and expert driver. Kako umaro (lieu chinh) is a black belt martial artist. Maria (Noela velasco) is a beautiful model, whose looks will be used as a distraction to the bad guys. Elaine Brenner (Robin Greer) is a policewoman, who is secretly working with her boss, captain Miller (Brand to infiltrate the women's group and use the information to bust Farrell before the women get him. After stealing a van from a horny used car dealer (Buttram) and tricking it out with rocket launchers and other goodies, the women then steal a shitload of guns and ammunition from an even hornier gunrunner (Backus) and his comical crew of nimcompoops (one who. The ladies kidnap Farrell's #1 street dealer, Sticks (Darby hinton and hang him upside down while kako beats him about the nutsac with a metal pipe until he gives up the location of the latest drug drop. They steal the drugs and Elaine and the girls bring it to captain Miller who, at first, is pissed at Elaine for spilling the beans to the girls, but soon sees the advantages of having non-police personnel doing his dirty work for him. The girls attack and destroy farrell's drug processing plant but, in the fracas, farrell kidnaps April and brings her to his boss,.

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Santiago's third time to the well telling the same story, starting with tnt jackson in 1975 and firecracker in 1981. The problem here is, cat Sassoon ( dance with death - 1991) is a terrible actress, although she has the best tits money can buy, not to mention plenty of nude scenes, including a topless fight in a bedroom that copies both tnt and firecracker. Cat, who was the daughter of hair care specialist Vidal Sassoon and sister of director Oley sassoon ( bloodfist iii: forced to fight - 1993 died at age 32 of a heart attack (drugs were suspected but never confirmed) while attending a new year's party. Angelfist is not a very good film (the martial arts fights are clunky and badly-staged but Santiago offers a ton of nudity (both Sassoon and Melissa moore disrobe as much as possible and there are more communal shower scenes here than in most wip films). This short, soon 80-minute film is light on blood and gore (just a few stabbings in the beginning), has no gunfights and nothing explodes. One gets the feeling that Santiago was on cruise control here and was taking a break from his usual shoot-em-up actioners, but the sad fact was that Santiago would go on to direct a few of these modern-day martial arts flicks and would not. Too bad, because he was quite good at 'em. This is a lesser, latter-day badzout entry from Santiago that can be avoided unless you like lots of nudity (Sassoon is well-oiled in all her full-frontal shots) and the sight of lips that can best be described as "distracting". Also starring Denise buick, jessica roberts, Christina portugal, jim Moss, bob Larson, Sheila lintan, ramon d'salva and Ronald Asinas. Available on vhs and (fullscreen) dvd from New Horizons Home video. Angel's brigade (1978) - a charlie's angels rip-off with Jack palance as the villian, cheezy disco songs, dancing, women in skimpy outfits and a guest star roster that includes Peter Lawford, jim Backus, Alan Hale, neville Brand, pat Buttram and Arthur Godfrey as himself?

Cop Kat Lang (Cat Sassoon, who has the fattest lips this side of a spousal abuse victim travels to manila to investigate her sister's death, but it's strictly off the books. After losing her luggage and money immediately after setting foot in Manila (this film is not an endorsement for tourism kat meets con man Alcatraz (Michael Shaner; bloodfist - 1989 who knew Kristie and offers to help Kat find her murderer (he has ulterior motives. He convinces Kat to take her sister's place in the upcoming big martial arts tournament, s o he hooks her up with Kristie's trainer, bayani (Roland Dantes and tournament promoter. Carrion (Tony carrion who's not quite what he seems. As Kat begins rising through the tournament ranks (and making Alcatraz a hefty sum on side bets she slowly makes friends with fellow tournament fighter Lorda (Melissa moore; one man army - 1993 while Alcatraz gets closer to finding Kirstie's stripper friend Sulu. Kat discovers Kristie and Lorda were working undercover with the fbi to find out the identities of members of the Black Brigade, a militant group that wants to destroy the relationship between America and the Philippines. Kat gets into deep trouble when Lorda is kidnapped by the Black Brigade and they put Kat, along with visiting American Ambassador Franklin (Ken Metcalfe at the top of their hit list. When Victor Winslow blackmails Alcatraz to keep Kat off the trail of the Black Brigade, alcatraz finally gets to bed Kat and decides that she's too good to deceive. He finds Sulu, recovers the film and brings the proof to the American Embassy. Lorda escapes her captors, helps Kat save ambassador Franklin's life and brings down the Black Brigade. The Philippines is safe once again for Americans, but please use caution when drinking the water. . This is director/producer Cirio.

American commandos to keep your eyes busy, too. What more could you possibly ask for? Both Christopher Mitchum and John Phillip Law are stiff as boards acting-wise, but they more than acquit themselves when they are beating the snot out of or gunning down the rest of the cast (including Franco guerrero, who wears a striking white nehru jacket throughout. Suarez is fast becoming one of my favorite directors to come out of the Philippines. Also starring Don Gordon Bell, david Brass, Kristine Erlandson and Nigel Hogge. Lightning Video, vhs release, followed by a budget ep-mode vhs from avid Entertainment. Still awaiting a dvd release, but don't hold your breath. Filipino action flicks are a very small niche market, which is a crying shame. Angelfis t (1992) - champion martial artist Kristie lang (Sibel Birzag) catches the murder of an American soldier in Manila with her camera and calls the American Embassy to report what she saw. Before she can hand over the film to Embassy representative victor Winslow (Joseph Zucchero she is viciously slashed and stabbed to death by the same black-garbed people who murdered the American soldier. Luckily, she passed the film to a cabbie before she was killed, telling him to give it to a stripper friend of hers named Sulu.

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It's a long and bloody ride. . This is great, mindless fun from beginning to end, with plenty of lycium bloody action and "What the fuck?" moments. I'm still reeling from the adoption/marriage proposal flashback by mitchell (which seems way out of place in a film like this). Mitchell also has a habit of saying, "There's noting we can do for them now. We've got to keep moving!" after losing members of his squad. I'm especially fond of the warbus Mitchell and his men (and scantilly-clad women) created. It looks like one of those short buses retarded kids take to school, tricked-out with steel armor and hidden rocket launchers and machine guns. One scene shows Mitchum on a custom motorcycle (which fits neatly in the warbus) destroying a section of road behind them with rockets, forcing an enemy truck that is following them to fall down a ravine and explode in a ball of fire (note the. A mistake in the mastering of the tape repeats an entire reel of footage (where the scantilly-clad women get machine-gunned while working on the warbus which adds five extra minutes to the running time. You'll be too engrossed in the insane action, plentiful shootouts and bloody deaths. There's also lots of female nudity. artistry vitamin c wild yam reviews

In retaliation, the gang invades Mitchell's house and rape his wife and kill his young son. Mitchell, upon returning home and finding his son bijsnijden dead and his wife bloody and bruised, calls the police (He says to the 911 operator, "They've killed my son and raped my wife and you want my phone number? not knowing that while he is on the phone his wife is in the bathroom slitting her throat with a straight razor. Mitchell goes on the warpath and begins to systematically hunting down and murdering all the members of the street gang (he even finds time to have a flashback, where he adopts a filippino baby and marries the woman handling the adoption, which turn out. He eventually gets caught by the police, but an Interpol agent named Brady (Ken Metcalfe, who also co-wrote the screenplay) steps in and offers Mitchell a deal: Reform his old Special Forces squad and wipe out the golden Triangle drug cartel (who are responsible for. Mitchell agrees and begins talking to all his former squad members, including Kelly (John Phillip Law Creeper (Willie williams) and Brutus (Robert Marius). The one former member Mitchell can't get to rejoin is Somsak (Franco guerrero. One armed executioner ) and it becomes very clear to the audience why: he is the kingpin of the golden Triangle. Somsak tries (unsuccessfully) on several occasions to stop the assault from tegen ever happening, but once the final attack does happen, somsak has one final ace up his sleeve. One of Mitchell's squad members is on Somsak's payroll.

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It's chock full of nudity and bullet hits. Good fodder for fans of the genre. I saw this schouders around the same time. The godfather part iii (1990) was released on video, and while. The executioner and, the death dealer ) lacks the former's budget, i found it more riveting. Prism Entertainment, vhs release. Available on, dvd all around the world, including an English-friendly version from noshame films. American commandos (198 4 ). A filipino action film starring Christopher Mitchum (. Final score - 1987) and directed by the late bobby. One armed executioner - 1980)? When dean Mitchell (Mitchum a former Green Beret, is attacked in his store by drugged-out street gang, he shoots one of the gang members when he tries to run over Mitchell with his car.

artistry vitamin c wild yam reviews

The guests are then tied up and hung from the ceiling as they watch in horror as guilio blows away the homeowner's 4 year old son. Guilio then turns his machine gun on them, slaughtering the helpless victims. Walter Grandi (Henry silva the police chief assigned to the case, follows the trail of bodies left in guilio's wake. Guilio may be demented, but he is no fool. He never leaves any witnesses to convict him, and when he collects the ransom, he kills nivea Mary lou and his cohorts. When Grandi finally catches him, guilio is released for lack of evidence. Grandi, in desperation, decides to take the law in his own hands. As in real life, there are no happy endings here. This violent, mean-spirited actioner could have only been made by the Italians. It is well made (though badly dubbed) and ugly to look.

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Action, action, almost human (1974), movie posters tried to pass this off as a monster film to an unsuspecting public upon its' initial. Release in 1979 due to the success. Actually it is a fairly engrossing crime caper from Umberto lenzi, the director. Make them die slowly (1981;. Cannibal ferox ) and, city of the walking dead (1980). Guilio sacchi (Tomas Milian) is a monster of the human kind, a petty criminal who decides to graduate to the big time by kidnapping the daughter of a wealthy Italian businessman. (The original title of this film was. The kidnapping of mary lou.) guilio shows no emotion as he blows aging away anyone who gets in his way, friends included. One particular scene stands out: During the kidnap, mary lou (Anita Strindberg) escapes to a house where a small party is going. Guilio and his cohorts crash the party and force the guests (men included) to perform oral sex on them.

Artistry vitamin c wild yam reviews
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